the crescent for christmas


… it is Viennese, and that’s that …. 


Demel Shop Window 5

There is nothing that says Christmas more than a this little crescent-shaped cookie called Vanillekipferl. It is the star of any and every household’s cooking repertoire. It is the pride of every self-respecting wife, mother, grandmother, and sometimes even husband, father, and I am not so sure about grandfather …. It belongs in every and all cookbooks.

The principal is easy. You take ….

  • Roasted Hazelnuts (NO almonds, PLEASE !!!!!!!)
  • Plenty of good Butter (and NO, Margarine will NOT do)
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Maybe even an egg … if you have to
  • and of course Vanilla

…. and you go from this ….


… to this …


It is the easiest cookie to make …. it is the easiest cookie to get wrong …. but do not despair … if it doesn’t look like a kipferl, if will always taste like a kipferl ….




  • 550 g All purpose Flour
  • 600 g Butter
  • 170 g Icing Sugar
  • 300 g Roasted Hazelnuts
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder (the best you can find)
  • One twist of your spice mill loaded with Cloves
  • Icing Sugar with Vanilla-bean immersed in it for at least a couple of weeks (you can of course use Vanillin if you so feel inclined)
  1. Keep the ingredients cool and mix quickly to a smooth dough
  2. Keep in the fridge for an hour to relax and let the spices macerate
  3. form to crescents and bake at 210C until golden
  4. Dust with the “VanilleSugar” while still hot

And now, HURRY … it’s Christmas already ….


So, now I can go back to dreaming of Vanillekipferl ….. maybe I should get baking and ….



Merry Christmas





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