the color of brandy



by Larry D. Thomas
A few blocks off the plaza,
in the Santa Fe evening light
the color of brandy,
on the street below the branches
of the tree, they glowed in rosy,
yellow hues as if a god
had ripped the sundown, rolled it
into fuzzy, dimpled balls,
and flung them to the ground.
Fast as we could, deep
into the fabric of our shorts,
we crammed them till our pockets
sagged, and lumbered down
the darkening street
like lumpy angels, holy
with the light of apricots.

A couple of days ago I could not resist, when I walked through the fresh fruit section of our supermarket:

        • three hand full very ripe apricots
        • two hand full dark cherries

There are many sweet treats one could make with these seasonal delights of mother nature. But for me there where only two options

1. Marillenstreuselkuchen

2. Marillenknödel

So, I opted for the first, and left the Knödel for the next time.

A streusel, or crumble,  is a dish of British and Irish origin that can be made in a sweet or savory version, depending on ingredients used, although the sweet version is more common. It also can be traced to American cuisine during the European colonization of the Americas. A sweet variety usually contains stewed fruit topped with a crumbly mixture of fat (usually butter), flour, and sugar. The crumble is baked in an oven until the topping is crisp. It is often served with custard, cream or ice cream as a hearty, warm dessert after a meal. The dish is also popular due to its simplicity. In some parts of America a very similar dish may be called a crisp.

I will not provide you with a recipe this time, but rather with some images of my kitchen action.

Now if you payed attention, then you will have noticed the I have made two of these things. In a household of two adults, this is absolutely too much, since I do not believe in freezing, nor do I believe in keeping fresh cakes for more than one day.

The recipient of number two is our neighbour, who has been exchanging with us for quite some time her best cooking, and I mean BEST, (It is divine what comes across the corridor here) in exchange for my best baking.

So, “the plate” made it across with an Apricot/Cherry Crumble, piping hot, and straight from the oven.

Today I have been eyeing some fresh Plums at the market. So prepare yourselves for some Zwetschken-magic …. soon. 





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