vienna calling


It has been almost 30 years since I left Vienna. I lived in many a interesting place. But … I am a Chef, a Chef Patissier, and people do not understand that somebody does not want to live in Vienna, especially if you COME FROM THERE. Don’t understand me wrong. I am quite happy living overseas, as I am happy to come to Vienna and stroll through the city. And I LOVE strolling past

pastry shops (SchokoLadenWerkstatt),

and chocolate shops (Leschanz, Schokolade König) … a MUST VISIT …

and candy shops (Confiserie Eibensteiner) …. used to be on my way to school …


Bonbon shops

and I LOVE to sit in a Café (here with an Esterhazy Cake).

The originality does not stop with the cakes and coffee.

And best of all, you don’t even have to drink coffee. But then PLEASE keep it Viennese.

We do have very good and interesting wine in Vienna.

And since Vienna was declared by the Mercer Study “best place to live” …. you know you wanna come here … Tim Becker put it into words, at the Vienna Review.

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