who likes the rain ….


Who Likes The Rain?

“I,” said the duck. “I call it fun,

For I have my red rubbers on;

They make a little three-toed track,

In the soft, cool mud, – quack! quack!”

“I!” cried the dandelion. “I!

My roots are thirsty, my buds are dry.”

And she lifted a tousled yellow head

Out of her green and grassy bed.


“I hope ‘twill pour! I hope ‘twill pour!”

Purred the tree-toad at the gray bark door,

“For, with a broad leaf for a roof,

I am perfectly waterproof.”

Sang the brook: “I laugh at every drop.

And wish they never need to stop

Till a big, big river I grow to be,

And could find my way to the sea.”

 “I,” shouted Ted, “for I can run,

With my high-top boots and rain-coat on,

Through every puddle and runlet and pool,

I find on the road to school.

 Clara Doty Bates (1838-1895).

It is gloomy weather outside. It has been raining since yesterday. ANd it is set to continue another two days. In preparation for cooking dinner, I thought it would be prudent to have a quick snack, in order not to start cooking on an empty stomach.

My plans for dinner are some sort of pasta (have not decided yet) and Bolognese …. definitely Bolognese. I love cooking Bolognese. The smell, the color, the pasta, and best of all it is the bottle of red wine on the kitchen table. I have te picture all painted, even before I start cooking. But this is for another blog ….

As I said earlier, I was having a snack …. a SMOKED TURKEY SANDWICH …. and I was sitting on the front porch watching the weather moving in.

And a couple of minutes later …

And YES, this is the view from our front porch. Actually I can see this in almost it’s entirety from the kitchen while cooking …. NICE …

And for a brief moment the sun came out, and lit this sandwich up ….. I ran for the camera …. and this is what I came up with. And now you know, that all those pictures taken with a dark background, where shot on my terrace.

My Smoked Turkey Sandwich on Olive Bread

          • Olive Bread from boulangerie “Paul” (yes we have one too in Beirut
          • Herbed Garlic Chevre
          • lettuce
          • Smoked turkey breast
          • Bulgarian Kashkaval Cheese
          • sundried tomatoes
          • Colman’s mustard (careful this sucker is hot)
          • AND … this orange thing next to my sandwich is a Campari Orange

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