under siege


A siege is a military blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by attrition or assault. The term derives from sedere, Latin for “to sit”. Generally speaking, siege warfare is a form of constant, low intensity conflict characterized by one party holding a strong, static defensive position. Consequently, an opportunity for negotiation between combatants is not uncommon, as proximity and fluctuating advantage can encourage diplomacy.

It has been now three days or so, that we are beleaguered by this feline. She is a pretty mix-breed, and has made our garden and terrace her home. It is obvious that she belonged to somebody, or maybe even still does. One thing is for sure. She is hungry and has no problem making a racket about it. She definitely knows how to beg ….

…. and pulled out all the stops to make sure you understand what is going on. Her vocabulary puts any poet to shame. She talks like there is no tomorrow. The volume of an operetta singer …. mind shattering.

This all would be no problem if we didn’t have our own resident tiger in our home.

She likes “her” garden. and definitely likes her cat-naps on the terrace …. her terrace ….

Cute .… is’t she …. but she does not share …. at all ….

Our “guest” has figured out how to open the fly screen at the terrace rather quickly, and found the food-bowls, so we had to improvise a locking mechanism to keep her out, but not close the doors completely.

So, she is stuck outside, and we are stuck inside …. under siege ….

The heartbreaking thing is that she is absolutely adorable and affectionate. She is friendly, and she is looking for a new home. Under normal circumstances we would have adopted her ….

I guess it is the shelter for her, so she gets fed and will find a loving home ….. she loves to cuddle ….


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  1. Alexandra says:

    OMG, she is so beautiful, outstanding. Look at the color and the way her fur curls a bit. It’s so sad to hear she’s hungry.
    Oh everything is so beautiful about her, even the tail.
    I hope she will find a new home.

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