Happy Birthday to me ….

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and Michelle nows hows how much I like chocolate cake. The latest pastry book of David Lebovitz is still laying around on our coffee table, so, Michelle set out to make chocolate cake. The first cake was the gâteau Thérèse (from The Sweet Life in Paris) as described at le weekend.

Naturally we had HäagenDazs® ice cream with it. Every body took vanilla. I needed chocolate ice cream with my chocolate cake. Belgian chocolate ice cream to be precise. AND WHAT A DELIGHT IT WAS …. That was two days ago. 

For tomorrow, when part of the family comes for an afternoon with the chef, Michelle went into the kitchen again, armed with Davids latest book, Ready for Dessert.

Racines Cake was the recipe. Also this chocolate wonder has a story.

At the time of writing the cake was still in the oven, so I will have to write again soon to let you know how it turned out. On thing’s for sure, the ice-cream is already in the freezer ….

…. to be continued …

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