The Ritual of Lunch

….. there is something ever so slightly wicked about lunch, bringing with it the heady tang of forbidden fruit.
(Keith Waterhause in The Theory And Practice Of Lunch)

Just as a starter, or a condiment to the aperitif, there is your local fortune teller. He keeps the conversation going until everybody is comfortable and resigned to the fact, that this is the beginning to a ritual we engage in almost every Sunday. Hours of company of family and friends and sometimes complete strangers. And spectators … 

But the food …. always in abundance, taken leisurely … companionship …

If the food is good thats great. If the food is great thats good. But while a bad meal can never a good lunch, it does not follow that fantastic meals make a fantastic lunch, other things not being equal. (Keith Waterhause)

And let there be dessert. Almost an experience with overtones of the bedroom. It is the only course of lunch where you really share. 

Dessert, the joint use of an inherently finite good ….

Peach Tart a la Tatin, not too sweet, butter not margarine, fresh peaches, fresh lemons. It is autumn and fruits are in abundance and at their best. You Have Your Lebanon And …

Little decadence in the form of real canadian dark-maple-syrup ….

…. no ice cream this time, but we will rectify this at our next gathering, celebrating this little simple meal … sheer bliss … 

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