Ice Cream in Paris … again …

Ice Cream à Paris …

The only thing for me that comes close to a good chocolate cake is ICE CREAM. I love eating ice cream and I love making ice cream. There is nothing in the world that tastes like chocolate ice cream that just came out of the ice cream machine …. NOTHING ….

I guess you can tell how much I like ice cream by the number of times I managed to fit the word into three lines of text.

Last week right after arrival in Paris we stumbled upon Gelateria Siciliana VASA VASA on  Avenue de La Bourdonnais who had awesome chocolate ice cream. 

Sadly, next day, Berthillon on Rue Jean du Bellay and Quai d’ Orleans was closed, and only had a street stall on the opposite corner.

Just the crowd trying to get a taste of the best ice cream in Paris, was enough for me to turn around and try my luck elsewhere. 

Who closes an ice-cream shop in August ?????????

I did not get any that day, but we came across a couple of original ice-cream sellers

The most original must have been this guy. Not only was he an original, but his automobile looks like he inherited from …..

This Renault 4 was parked right opposite the Louvre, and had a steady crowd the entire time I observed him. 

But on our last day we made a point to come back to VASA VASA.

For more chocolate ice cream. And try the stracciatella ….

There is something about shops where you can actually observe the making of …. 

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