Planes, Trains & Automobiles

…. and Boats ….

… and still dreaming of Paris. 

The waters of the River Seine have always been the heart and soul of Paris. Paris has been invaded, occupied, and conquered by its share of foreigners over the course of two millennia, many of whom arrived by this waterway.

On our boat ride up and down the Seine I could not have bee bothered much by these “old buildings” the piped in tour guide was telling us about. Or who conceded when. It was much more fascinating watching the people going about their “normal” live. 

Or just living their lives, and leaving it up to our imagination and romantic motions, what these lives would be like. It is even more true when it comes to boats. It seems that the imaginations just runs away with it.

Lining the Seine are rows and rows of boats and barges from days gone by. Not hauling goods and commodities anymore, but sheltering its inhabitants and providing us the spark for our daydream, how brief it may be.

Some prettier that others,

Some more colorful than others.

Big, fancy, and practical …

And we are still dreaming of romantic lives on boats and rivers, forgetting the back-braking work that went into it. Bringing up families and hardships, carving out a living on the river ….

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