To Be Or Not To Be in Paris

It seems that Parisians have a capacity of being, which is so much different from other cities. Or it at least seems that way. Moving around the waterway in this city gives a glimpse of recreation we are not really prepared for.

Sandy beaches, waterfront sunbathing,

Sand, sun and the Seine

Including obligatory sand castles.

Naturally there are the more subdued or discrete ways of dealing with ones city stress. After all, not all of us are on vacation in August. Even if it seem that way in Paris.

There is the walk on the Quay

A quick lunch brake

A good read

Tour de Paris ….

What’s the point of living in “your” city if you can’t relax in it? It has to be the greatest holiday if you can do it at home in familiar surroundings amongst likeminded “neighbors”.

Tango lessons anyone … ?

Take the time to slow down a little and look around you and you will find out that you are surrounded by PEOPLE

And their companions ….

Au Revoir Paris ….. tomorrow we will be on our way to Vienna

So, there it is the last obligatory picture of the Tour Eiffel

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